The story of Casperlux

I noticed last year while staying in Käsmu with our family, that tourists love this village too. I came to an idea to offer them some souvenirs and memories of this wonderful place. We made a couple of beautiful shirts and sweaters with a logo of Käsmu. Käsmu's nice logo was designed by Anna Kaarma and people loved sweaters and T-shirts very much. But mostly not tourists, but people from our own village! People carry their homeplace close to their heart!

Then again it came to light pretty fast, that people tend to have different taste in the color of the sweater, different sizes and so on. Besides, people from neighbouring villages wanted their own sweaters with the name of their village on it. That´s when I got the idea to make an e-shop to be able to meet all the different needs and wishes of our clients.

I could say that it is the most difficult thing to find the right name for a store. Firstly, a good name must be beautiful and not too long. But good short domain names are all taken. Secondly, people should remember the name and thirdly, there should be a story associated with the name. The name of the Casperlux store is derived from Käsmu's former German name Kasperwiek.

PS! By the way, I recommend to everyone a really good restaraunt in Käsmu - Kaspervik!